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DF2000 Control Valve

The Model DF2000 Control Valves are heavy duty globe style control valves used in all kinds of demanding oil and gas applications, from well head to gas plant and beyond. The Model DF2000 control valves are post guided, single port valves that can be used for either throttling or on-off control of either liquids or gasses.



Features :

  • Push-down to close valve plug action.
  • Top guided valve plug.
  •  Unbalanced design.
  •  Standard NACE construction.
  • Metal seat construction, hard faced or
    tungsten carbide seats available.
  •  Threaded bonnet and seat ring.
  • Typical Actuators:
    Model DFC or DFO linear actuators.
  • Standard low temperature carbon steel body

Available Port Diameters:
1” & 2”

Available Body Styles:
Globe & Angle

Available End Connections:

ASME B16.34
Class 150 – 1500
Class 2500 for 2” Only

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