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Centrifugal Scrubber

In the Centrifugal Scrubber the performance of a cyclonic separation is catalysed by irrigated Inlet (Through Rod Venturi) and wet scrubbing.



Rod Venturi comprises of a series of Parallel bleeding pipes (Water oozing from the pipes) provided horizontally across the gas flow near the inlet of the scrubber. High gas velocity at the inlet coupled with the irrigated inlet creates pseudo venturi effect with much lower pressure drop (because of lesser degree of turbulence). Wetting increases the size of the particulates. Particulate collection is improved by increasing the relative velocity between particulates and the gas stream. This is achieved by the Centrifugal force of the spinning gas. The higher particle -to- liquid relative velocity also increases partical collection efficiency. The wetter walls prevent re-entrainment of the separated particulates into contact with the Air/ Gas stream.

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