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Bag Cleaning Machine

Presently scenario competition exist in every field of business. Margins are becoming less and expenses are increasing day by day. Margins can be raised by proper utilization of man power, electricity and by saving the raw material. In this regard we are pleased to introduce a BAG CLEANING MACHINE, which is very profitable for Solvent Plant, using Rice bran as a raw material. The valuable raw material that go inside the bags, as wastage due to not proper cleaning. In this way about 300-400 grams of raw material go with the bags. With this Bag Cleaning Machine you can clean bags very easily and recover the raw material that was going as wastage with less man power.



The machine can clean about 2500-3000 bags daily and in this way you can save your valuable raw material. This machine is very much beneficial especially for Solvent Plants. Only one man operates this machine. We guaranteed that you would be fully satisfy by using this machine.

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