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Pressure Safety / Relief Valve

What is an air pressure relief valve?

An air pressure relief valve, also known as a pneumatic pressure relief valve, controls air within a compressed air system.

It is a valve that is designed to detect and prevent changes in pressure which could lead to damage and failure in a number of applications. If the desired pressure is exceeded, the valve releases the excess pressure.


Curtiss-Wright’s selection of Pressure Relief Valves comes from its outstanding product brands Farris and Target Rock. We endeavor to support the whole life cycle of a facility and continuously provide custom products and technologies. Boasting a reputation for producing high quality, durable products, our collection of Pressure Relief Valves are guaranteed to provide effective and reliable pressure relief.

While some basic components and activations in relieving pressure may differ between the specific types of relief valves, each aims to be 100% effective in keeping your equipment running safely. Our current range includes numerous valves types, from flanged to spring-loaded, threaded to wireless, pilot operated, and much more.

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